How to choose the best gun

Choosing the best gun can be difficult, as there are tons of hand and long gun options to pick from. The most important factor to consider when choosing a gun is; Comfort.

Always choose a gun that you feel comfortable with and not because it catches your fancy.

Guns are basically classified into two types: handguns and long guns.


Due to the accessibility and freedom of movement they offer, handguns are often considered the best. They are ideal for when you have to use a gun and hold your flashlight or carry your kid at the same time.

They are highly mobile due to the size and weight, so you can move around with them. They are also easy to conceal. However, due to their limited size, handguns possess a limited cartridge which means they have weaker and fewer follow-up shots. Types of handguns are pistols and revolvers.


Pistols rely on large magazines which can carry between 5 and 33 bullets. The easy reload system makes them better suited for faster shots.

However, even though it’s easy to reload, it’s not a safe option, especially for amateurs, as the trigger can go off while reloading.


Compared to pistols, revolvers are more popular and durable due to their basic mechanism. They are an easier and safer alternative, especially for amateurs. They have more powerful calibers and can fire with greater strength.

However, a revolver’s cylinder can hold only up to eight bullets, and the reload process may not be as quick as needs, especially in emergency situations.


Although long guns do not offer you the accessibility and free movement that you get with handguns, they provide a higher stopping power. Long guns offer superior power and accuracy. They allow you to hit your target from a range of 300 yards, so you don’t necessarily have to go close to your target.

There are two types of long guns; shotguns and rifles.


A shotgun is a smoothbore gun that fires shell ammunition in various measures. It is one of the deadliest weapons known to man. It covers a larger radius in one shot, so precision is not a necessary needed. This is ideal, especially for inexperienced users.


Rifles are ideal for deep impact and long-range shots. The stopping power of the rifle is greater than a pistol or shotgun.

However, a major disadvantage is its limited maneuverability because of its long length, your target may easily spot you even before you open fire due to the long length of the rifle.


There are certain factors to consider when finding a gun. Some of these are;

  • Comfort while holding and shooting.
  • Chamber caliber that suits your needs; beginners should aim for smaller calibers, such as 380 ACP caliber bullets.
  • Ability to handle the size of the chosen weapon in cases of emergency.
  • Choose a larger gun for greater accuracy and range.
  • Choose a smaller gun if you want a mobile weapon you can always carry around.
  • Determine your basic point-shoot at the range before buying. If you’re too low, opt for a lighter gun and if you are too high, try a heavier weapon.